Tanure Ojaide (Selected Poems) Vol 2, 2000-2014


About the Author
The poetry of Tanure Ojaide occupies a significant slot in the foregoing critical scheme. His literary career was launched on the publication of his debut collection Children of Iroko
and Other Poems in 1973 and he is in the frontline in the generation of poets whose voices were first heard after the Nigerian Civil War. Ojaide’s poetry has distinctively evolved in themes and craft over the years to the extent that his oeuvre has become representative of the protean preoccupations of poetry in a postcolonial setting like Nigeria. Ojaide’s poetry provides useful insights into the Nigerian experience through an imaginative arch beginning from the pre-colonial era to the present. The manifold defining essence of his poetry include the Nigerian Civil War, military dictatorship, socio-economic malaise, exile, dislocation, and ecological concerns. His poetical works running into eighteen collections at the last count also excavate indigenous lore and mores of his Urhobo provenance as a means of establishing a contradistinction between the present and the past."
–Sunny Awhefeada

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